We plant so that landowners can enjoy the commercial benefits of fast growth carbon-yielding species, secure in the knowledge that their traditional Māori hopes and aspirations can be met through proper planting and forest management that will lead to a permanently regenerated native forest

We intend to plant a mixed-species permanent carbon forest.

  • Planting land that is marginal, non-productive, erosion-prone and land-locked
  • Planting fast-growing exotic as a nursery crop that provides a forest canopy
  • Planting slower growing native amongst the exotic
  • Planting in a way that accelerates native regeneration
  • Planting to link forests to the local native forest (as a seed bank)
  • Planting to support the re-introduction of native birds and other species
  • Ensuring native trees become dominant through careful forest management
  • Updating planting management with leading science and best practice
  • Establishing seed banks and nurseries to support regional planting
  • Our proposed approach encourages faster and more successful regeneration than standalone native planting or natural reversion
  • Regeneration stabilizes erosion-prone land and reduces sedimentation
  • Regeneration enhances biodiversity and enables faster re-establishment of native flora and fauna
  • Additional benefits include improvements to air and water quality, and promotion of tourism and local enter


Carbon Forestry delivers benefits today and for future generations